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Linde plc (NASDAQ: LIN)

CHEMICALS - Specialty Chemicals
Stock price data as of 12/01/2023
Closing price: 411.70
Support price level: $389.16
Resistance price level: N/A
Relative strength index (14-day RSI) 72.1
Beta 0.88
  • LIN is at or near its 52-week high. Studies have found that such stocks have an increased probability of outperforming the market over the next year.

  • LIN is one of this week's least volatile stocks in the S&P-100 with an estimated annualized standard deviation of 12.0%.

  • Volatility is forecast to rise over the next month.

  • With RSI > 70, LIN is overbought. Odds slightly favor a short-term price reversal.

  • Price broke above prior resistance level - a short-term bullish signal.

Low High Price as % of Range
$305.49 $414.22 98.0%
200 day 50 day 20 day 10 day
$371.63 $386.43 $404.34 $411.43
(Annualized standard deviation)
(5 year)
Last month Current estimate Next month forecast
26.6% 17.1% 12.0% 19.6%
There is an estimated 5% probability that the stock price of Linde plc will fall by more than:
  • 3.3% in the next week.

  • 11.1% in the next month.

  • 37.6% in the next year.