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Quantitative Finance and Risk Management - A Physicist's Approach

Quantitative Finance and Risk Management - A Physicist's Approach
by Jan W. Dash  
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Book Description

Written by a physicist with over 15 years of experience as a quant on Wall Street, this book treats a wide variety of topics. Presenting the theory and practice of quantitative finance and risk management, it delves into the "how to" and "what it's like" aspects not covered in textbooks or research papers. Both standard and new results are presented. A "Technical Index" indicates the mathematical level — from zero to PhD — for each chapter. The finance in each chapter is self-contained. Real-life comments on "life as a quant" are included.

This book is designed for scientists and engineers desiring to learn quantitative finance, and for quantitative analysts and finance graduate students. Parts will be of interest to research academics. --World Scientific (Publisher).

About the Author

Jan Dash was Director of Quantitative Analysis at Citigroup/Salomon Smith Barney, Fuji Capital Markets Corp, and Euro Brokers. He began his Wall Street career in 1987 as V.P. Manager at Merrill Lynch. He introduced path integrals for options, managed PhD quant groups, and worked in many areas in finance involving all the topics in this book. He has a PhD in physics from UC Berkeley, was Directeur de Recherche at the Centre de Physique Théorique CNRS Marseille, and published over 60 scientific papers.

Table of Contents

1. Standard and Advanced Theory and Practical Applications in Fixed Income, Equities, FX.

2. Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Topics: Traditional and Exotic Derivatives, Market Risk, Credit Issuer Risk, Stressed Correlation Matrices, Fat Tails, Stressed/Enhanced VAR, Model Risk/Quality Assurance, Numerical Techniques, Deals/Portfolios, Systems, Data, Economic Capital, Reggeon Field Theory, A Function Toolkit.

3. Case Studies in Corporate Finance and Options.

4. "Life as a Quant": Communication Issues, Sociology, Stories, Advice.

5. Risk Lab: The Nuts and Bolts of Risk Management.

6. Research Topic: The Macro-Micro Model Producing Realistic Yield-Curve Movements, While Combining Aspects of Economics and Finance (with Multiple Time Scales, Multiple Factors, Quasi-Random Macro Trends, Strong Mean-Reverting Micro Trading Fluctuations, Occasional Jumps).

7. Feynman Path Integrals, Green Functions, and Options.