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The Hedge Fund Edge, by Mark Boucher The Hedge Fund Edge - Maximum Profit/Minimum Risk Global Trend Trading Strategies
by Mark Boucher 
Capital Account, by Edward Chancellor, Marathon Asset Management Capital Account - A Money Manager's Reports on a Turbulent Decade
by Edward Chancellor, Marathon Asset Management 
Collection of commentaries covering the excesses of the late 1990s.
Investing with the Hedge Fund Giants, by Beverly Chandler Investing with the Hedge Fund Giants
by Beverly Chandler 
Hedge Funds Review, by City Financial Communications Hedge Funds Review - Magazine Subscription
by City Financial Communications 
Latest news, features, and analysis on hedge fund launches and developments.
Heard on the Street, by Timothy Falcon Crack Heard on the Street - Quantitative Questions from Wall Street Job Interviews
by Timothy Falcon Crack 
Timothy Crack
Currency Strategy , by Callum Henderson Currency Strategy - A Practitioner's Guide to Currency Trading, Hedging and Forecasting
by Callum Henderson 
Hedge Funds, by IMCA (editor), et al. Hedge Funds - Definitive Strategies and Techniques
by IMCA (editor), et al. 
Absolute Returns, by Alexander M. Ineichen Absolute Returns - The Risk and Opportunity of Hedge Fund Investing
by Alexander M. Ineichen 
Managing Risk in Alternative Investment Strategies, by Lars Jaeger Managing Risk in Alternative Investment Strategies - Successful Investing in Hedge Funds and Managed Futures
by Lars Jaeger 
Hedge Funds, by Francois-Serge L'Habitant Hedge Funds - Myths and Limits
by Francois-Serge L'Habitant 
Hedge Funds, by Jess Lederman and Robert A. Klein Hedge Funds - Investment and Portfolio Strategies for the Institutional Investor
by Jess Lederman and Robert A. Klein 
When Genius Failed, by Roger Lowenstein When Genius Failed - The Rise and Fall of Long Term Capital Management
by Roger Lowenstein 
On September 23, 1998, the boardroom of the New York Fed was a tense place. Around the table sat the heads of every major Wall Street bank, the chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, and representatives from numerous European banks, each of whom had been summoned to discuss a highly unusual prospect: rescuing what had, until then, been the envy of them all, the extraordinarily successful bond-trading firm of Long-Term Capital Management. Roger Lowenstein's When Genius Failed is the gripping story of the Fed's unprecedented move, the incredible heights reached by LTCM, and the firm's eventual dramatic demise. --S. Ketchum (Amazon.com)
How to Create a Hedge Fund, by Stuart A. McCrary How to Create a Hedge Fund - A Professional's Guide
by Stuart A. McCrary 
Hedge Fund of Funds Investing, by Joseph G. Nicholas Hedge Fund of Funds Investing - An Investor's Guide
by Joseph G. Nicholas 
Investing in Hedge Funds, by Joseph G. Nicholas Investing in Hedge Funds
by Joseph G. Nicholas 
Market-Neutral Investing, by Joseph G. Nicholas Market-Neutral Investing - Long / Short Hedge Fund Strategies
by Joseph G. Nicholas 
The Prudent Investor's Guide to Hedge Funds, by James P. Owen The Prudent Investor's Guide to Hedge Funds - Profiting from Uncertainty and Volatility
by James P. Owen 
Managing Hedge Fund Risk From the Seat of the Practitioner, by Virginia Reynolds Parker Managing Hedge Fund Risk From the Seat of the Practitioner - Views From Investors, Counterparties, Hedge Funds and Consultants
by Virginia Reynolds Parker 
Hedge Me, by Claude Schwab Hedge Me - Insider's Guide to US Hedge Fund Job Opportunities
by Claude Schwab 
George Soros on Globalization, by George Soros George Soros on Globalization
by George Soros 
The Alchemy of Finance, by George Soros The Alchemy of Finance - Reading the Mind of the Market
by George Soros